stay at the forefront of a growing population…

and a growing demand

Founded by an intrepid and unusual whirlwind of entrepreneurial madness in 2019, we’ve had over 20 years’ experience in the alcohol, senior living, and entertainment industries. For senior and retirement communities, our focus is bringing your community a brand new entertainment vehicle that inspires recurring fun times and memories. We encourage monthly or bi-monthly events to get residents in the habit of meeting new wines and creating more memories together.

For our beverage-producing partners we pride ourselves on creating lasting brand-loyal customers at every event – customers that wouldn’t be able to participate in the normal discovery style vehicles like wine trail tours and special events. We want your business to grow so we can keep New York at the forefront of the viticulture and brew-nation scene.




Professional Services

We are so passionate about what we do that our professionalism is indefatigable. We value punctuality, dependability, clarity, and communication just like you do, and we are very good at keeping these pillars of good business standing strong. 

We train hard, work hard, and play hard. We know these wines because we drink them, and we treat your residents respectfully because we have loved ones in their shoes, too. 

Comprehensive events

We do it all so you don’t have to lift a finger. Set up, tear down, returning the event space to normal, we got you covered.

Our dynamic programs can be adapted to a variety of stages, sizes, and groups.

Need an evening, afternoon, or weekend event? We fit your schedule, our programs fit the bill.

Amazing Results

This is a brand new type of event, and we are the spearhead of this movement. We engage residents, make memories, educate new customers, funnel families and activities groups to winery locations and outdoor activities, and we sell wine.

Our winery partners experience the fruit of an untapped market at every event, every time… and strong sales numbers are only the beginning.